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What’s this site about?

This site is Dawit Ghebrehiwet’s personal website wanting to share my interests, be part of life and contribute with thoughts, ideas, inspiration and my point of view. It is an ongoing work in progress about the encounters in life and the universe. Things which make me laugh, cry and wonder. Working to be a better solution architect digitization, a civil engineer with a focus on computer science by training (Bauinformatiker), software developer by interest, curious by nature, blessed and loved by God and not minding to make mistakes and fail.

In case you wondered why da8. Born in Asmara/Eritrea my name is pronounced “da + 8 in French” -> dahuit hence da8.

Where to find me:

Dawit Ghebrehiwt @ XING

Dawit Ghebrehiwet @ LinkedIn

Dawit Ghebrehiwet @ Twitter

So if you feel like dropping me a line or two, go ahead:

Don’t forget God loves every one of us 🙂