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A picture is worth a thousand words …

In my daily work in digitization in civil engineering, I often face the challenge of understanding and presenting complex relationships from different perspectives. These can be solution architectures, technical systems, processes or data models. Of course, in addition to the classic analogue means such as whiteboards and flipcharts also digital methods and tools are used to gain insight. Attending an internal workshop on visualization, I had the pleasure of meeting Heike Haas from WASCHATELIER – Atelier für Kunst & Kommunikation ( It was a great workshop full of tips and tricks on how to make visualizations both analogue and digital. Just to have some more inspiration after the workshop I decided to buy her book Flipchart: Das Praxisbuch für Einsteiger (
It is in the best sense a wonderful exercise book to nourish a playful approach towards the topic of visualization. Many small exercises can help overcome existing inhibitions and create images that convey a message. In addition to analytical thinking, the creativity is encouraged, and the joy of experimenting allows a more relaxed state of mind. So, if you are looking for inspiration and guidance Heike Haas and her book might you help you out. Remember the times when a picture of yours could mean the whole world when you were small enough not to overthink it but imaginative enough to give it a try.

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