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Apache from XAMPP on Windows 7 refuses to start because of blocked port 80 (Solved)

I was setting up a web development environment on two windows boxes. To save some time I decided to go with XAMPP ( because setting up Apache, MySQL, and PHP etc. on a windows machine can be annoying. Everything went well until I wanted to start Apache. On both machines, Apache refused to start because port 80 was used by another application. The result was the same on both boxes but the reasons and the solutions were slightly different. To find out which process blocked Apache by using port 80 I went to the Windows Task Manager > Performance > Resource Monitor > Listening Ports and sorted the list Listening Ports by Port and I spotted which service or application used port 80. Remedy one on my first box Skype blocked Apache by using port 80 and port 443 so the obvious remedy was to reconfigure Skype not to use port 80 and port 443. In the Skype window I clicked on Tools menu and selected Options, selected the Advanced tab, and went to Connection tab, and unchecked the checkbox for Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections. I saved the changes and restarted Skype. Apache started without problems. Remedy two on the second machine service named system use port 80. Since I did not bother to find out to which Application this service belonged I decided to change the configuration of Apache to listen to port 8080 instead of 80. On the XAMPP Control Panel, I clicked Config in the row for Apache and selected Apache (httpd.conf). The config file was opened and I changed the line with Listen 80 to Listen 8080 and restarted Apache. Again the problem was solved. Which remedy you prefer depends on your needs. If your box runs in an environment where the application using already port 80 cannot be reconfigured or a firewall blocks the use of other ports it might be easier to reconfigure Apache. If it is an application like Skype where changing the ports is just a matter of some clicks this might be the way to go.