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How to play FLAC files with Windows Media Player

I love to listen to music from my boxes. Since I am no high end music aficionado mp3 did the trick for me so far. From time to time I wondered if mp3 is really the road to go since my standard for the quality of the music may change over the time. After a little search with search engine of my choice I came across FLAC . I liked the idea of a free lossless audio codec which is cross-platform and licensed under GNU GPL and BSD for a different number of reasons. One of them being the fact that nobody can monopolize the access to my own files by setting up some type of access control or invalidating the format in the name of whatever after I have payed for the content. With FLAC if 10 years down the road a new codec emerges I still can convert my stuff to run it on the new applications and devices. At worst case I could write my own converter, well theoretically 😉 VLC is my Swiss army knife for playing media files but I like the interface of the Windows Media Player for listening to music. Out of the box Windows Media Player was not able to index or play FLAC files. Installing the Codes to my box and rebooting fixed the problem.