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“brown angel” by da8

Browsing FB I came across a post of a friend of mine. She is looking for cartoon pictures of some dark-skinned angel. I do not know why she is looking for those pictures but since I read the post I have a big smile on my face and I can barely keep myself from laughing out. But since I am on my way home and the people tend to look somehow irritated when you smile on your own I will wait till I am home. The reason I am smiling? Let me tell you a true story. Back in the 6th grade of middle school I used to be in a handicraft class, a refreshing alternative to the more formal classes like history or math. Our teacher gave us an assignment to build something with clay using our imagination. I decided to make a candle hold. Since I wanted make something special I decided to the give the candle holder the form of an angle. After a while I was satisfied with the form. It was burned the first time and our teacher gave us colors to choose from for our different projects. I asked my teacher for different shades of brown and black. He was a kind of skeptical because as far as he understood my project it was a candle hold with the form of an angel. I colored my angel. He was burned a second time to fix color to the form. And voila there was my angel with dark hair and brown skin. My teacher went around to the different projects and said something nice to every one of us. Looking on my brown angel with dark hair and brown skin he asked me why I had chosen those colors because angels are white. I asked him if he had ever seen an angel actually. He said no. I told him I have never seen an angel either but if there are white angels there will be brown angels too. Yes. I know. I made this story up. Right. See for yourself you infidels. Have a look at my brown angel.

By the way … many households have these tapestries at prominent areas of the house with Jesus and his disciples. Did you ever wonder why they are always white with blond long hair and light eyes? Again I have never seen Jesus personally but when I recall the people living in this area today the chance for him being white with blond long hair and light eyes is … how to say it polite … in the realm of a miracle … no pun intended 😉